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Bring on Performing Arts

At Indiana University, we're pushing the performing arts forward, helping students turn passion into profession. We don't wait for inspiration to strike. We create it.

A female student stands centerstage holding a clarinet, she looks out to the performance hall in front of her. Behind her an IU trident shows a full symphony playing.
Expertise Highlight

Taking center stage

The performing arts at Indiana University create the leading professionals of tomorrow through artistic vision and collaborative spirit.

A man sits on a limestone wall while holding a violin in his lap, he looks off into the distance.
Student success

Afghan violinist pursues dream

With the help of an IU alumnus, Mehran Fanoos journeyed far to pursue his passion at the Jacobs School.

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A group of girls appears in the spotlight on a dark stage, they surround a girl as she pages through a book.
Research and creativity

IU presents world premiere of 'Anne Frank' opera

The opera's conductor, Arthur Fagen, found the project hits close to home, as his parents were survivors of the Holocaust.

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Two girls sit on a limestone wall wearing solar eclipse glasses and peering up at the sky, the bell tower is visible in the distance behind them.

Grants to support solar eclipse arts, cultural activities

In collaboration with IU's rural solar eclipse initiative, rural Indiana communities receive funding to host arts and cultural events and programs connected to the 2024 total eclipse.

Learn more about the event
A man with his arms crossed looks back at the camera, an empty theatre stands behind him with a curtained stage.
Student success

Jacobs students score in cinema

The Scoring for Visual Media program provides students the opportunity to produce music for filmmakers.

Learn more about the program
A nostalgic photo of three people, one person speaks on the phone while a man and woman look back at the camera smiling.
Student success

Playwright recalls days at IU

Award-winning playwright Lloyd Suh talks about finding his passion in theater and discovering his identity during his time at IU.

Learn more about Suh’s story

At Indiana University, we’re doing exciting things with the performing arts and are committed to leading the way forward.

Pamela Whitten President of Indiana University

Areas of expertise

Pursuing Excellence in All We Do

Indiana University is fearlessly tackling society's biggest challenges. While others dream of a better future, we’re creating it. Bring on Tomorrow.

A female student stands next to a table where an older woman sits, next to both of them a white robot stands on the table. The student holds a controller.

Artificial intelligence

Indiana University is using AI to revolutionize the way we work, treat patients, and live.

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Two student interns walk through a business courtyard, a glass-walled building stands behind them.


Indiana University is improving the business world in every way that matters, from breakthrough research programs to top-ranked academics.

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